28 November

We have now been crawling along at about 3kn under motor for the past 60 odd hrs. We have been caught in the high pressure zone as a result of loosing the gennaker a few days back and from 120-140nm daily runs we are now battling to squeeze out 70/80nm for a days progress.

I did load extra cans of diesel but still having problems with the battery charge issue. It came right a few days ago but went tits up again. We are just about getting by with what we get from the solar panels but we really do need to somehow find a way of tapping into the smaller alternators to squeeze a bit more charge into the system. We are in touch with the guy who did the original electrical installation and he is trying to help us find a solution.

Can’t help but smile a bit at the similarity between our situation and that of the Apollo 13 crew as played by Tom Hanks. Just remember that we are doing all this consulting via SMS and each msg is limited to 160 characters. Progress is painfully slow. Ever tried to describe colour to a blind person? Try doing it via SMS…

One day I will get a proper job.

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