28 November

We have now been crawling along at about 3kn under motor for the past 60 odd hrs. We have been caught in the high pressure zone as a result of loosing the gennaker a few days back and from 120-140nm daily runs we are now battling to squeeze out 70/80nm for a days progress. I did […]

25 November – take two

I have been waiting for something to go pear shaped – you simply just don’t have the kind of weather we have been getting without a bill of some sort being presented. After two days of making some serious miles under gennaker the damn thing blew out on us this afternoon. Sheared off right along the […]

25 November

Skirting along the edge of the high in light winds (≤10kn) but under gennaker which is giving us a rather remarkable 5-6kn – and in the right direction. Awesome sailing last day or so, just starting to get really cold, particularly at night. Passed the halfway mark about an hour ago – 1862nm to Cabedelo, 1862nm […]

Thursday 23 November

Wind has backed to the north and freshened, better run yesterday after two days of barely making 100nm a day. Forecast is for it to stay the same for the next 48hrs. Under 600nm to the next waypoint, and another 290 will see us exactly half way between Cabedelo and Cape Town. All good on board […]

Sunday 19 November

Sat message to relay : you notice progress in many different ways, in this case we have finally overtaken the sun… Up until now we have been North of suns meridian passage but having crossed 24°S latitude we have passed under and south of it. We forge ever onwards… Noticeably colder as we get deeper into the […]

Friday 17 November

Sat message to relay : Just passed Ilha Trinidade 30nm to the west of the rock, first waypoint ticked off. Next one a position about 70nm north of Tristan da Cunha 1323nm away. All ok on board, sea a bit messy as we are only around 60-70° off the wind as we try and run our […]

The Boys in Brazil

My apologies for the long delay in delivering part two of the Mindelo post but what with one thing and another I did not get a chance before we left for Brazil. Whilst in Mindelo we were able to have a proper go at sorting out the problems we have had with the port cooling […]