doldrums, full gale and green flashes

18 October:

Morning all, well now, well into the doldrums and instead of no or little wind we are reefed right down and taking a thorough beating from a full blown gale. Wind now north of 35kn and sea not looking pretty? Go figure…

Full gale, sea not pretty, smack in the middle of an area where there is not supposed to be any wind. Bugger.

Evening all, been an ‘interesting’ day weather wise. Right now the sea has gone flat and the wind is little more than a rumor but earlier on we saw it north of force 8 on occasions and a sea that would have got Jordy Smith excited. Unpredictable place this

19 October :

Was that Sundays game? Who scored the runs and who took the wickets? < because dedication to sport hahaha

20 October :

dollop of wind resulting in some rather interesting language when a strike went into the water about a mile from us. Interesting… But we are now close to the southern limit of the doldrums and theoretically the weather should settle from here on in.

Evening all, much better conditions this afternoon and evening, highlight of the day being an awesome green flash at sunset.

21 October :

..nor breath nor wind nor air, we lay, a painted ship upon a painted ocean… Good thing they invented diesel engines… Bugger.

Got 6 high capacity already, no room for more… Also I have enough diesel to motor for over 1500nm.. if I have to I can find all the way. < in response to what I thought was my brilliant idea for solar panels :/

Evening all, same old same old, still pushing ever southwards under the monotonous drone of a motor. Less than 800nm to go now.

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