Hello Southern Hemisphere!

24 October :

It’s official, at 08h53’20 we crossed the equator and are now back in the Southern hemisphere. We had a good solid run yesterday and made decent miles considering we are punching into 20+ knots of wind and a messy sea full of unexpected holes. 530nm to go.

Under 500nm to go now, it’s looking like an ETA sometime over the weekend. Wind is holding SE at about 20kn but we are punching into 3-4 m swell, so some holes.

The hooligan ride continues… Wind holding steady but the sea is a real mess now, but we are making solid progress.

25 October :

Hi all, still blundering ever southwards – 400nm to go to cabadelo. It’s looking like a Saturday afternoon arrival.

26 October :

Another solid run under boisterous conditions has us now under 300nm to go. Fast but uncomfortable sailing conditions. ETA looking like lunchtime Saturday if this holds.




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