Land ho!

5 October :

No wind, no fish… Damn, one day when I grow up I am going to get a proper job!! Otherwise all good, we blunder forth ever southwards.

We just had an unusual occurence – logging our position we happened at that moment to be at 21° North and 21° west… Not often that happens. Good omen?

Evening all… and?? Yup, we are still under sail. Wind is a bit lighter than earlier but still enough to carry sail unassisted. Under 300nm to Mindelo now

6 October : 

Morning all, the wind held steady through the night and has firmed up a bit this mrng. It’s awesome when the trade winds kick in properly, sublime sailing.

Evening all, the trades are blowing as they should and we are making decent progress in the right direction. About 180nm to go, so possibly sometime tmr eve

7 October :

Morning all, well another 160nm day has us at our gybe mark where we have altered course directly to Mindelo. We have slowed down so as to arrive in day 2mr

Evening all, wind has been North of 20kn for most of the day, sea big and lumpy with a nasty cross swell running. ETA around mid day tomorrow I think.

8 October :

We are approximately 15nm off the big island, so about 20nm from Mindelo which means an ETA of around lunchtime. Will let y’all know when we arrive.

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