Of cockpit squids and birthday Feathers

We are getting there, now just 370nm to Cape Town!
The south wind we were waiting for has come through and although progress has been quick the past 24 hours it has been brutal sailing. We have been quartering across amd into a 4-5m sea in winds around the 30kn mark and have taken a number of green ones over the foredeck, one of which actually deposited squid into the cockpit.

It’s 50 shades of grey out here, and achingly cold. These last miles seem twice as long. 

At our current speed our ETA Cape Town still looks to be Tuesday/Wednesday. We will be mooring at the Royal Cape Yacht Club so if you want to see what three Mile weary sailors look like come down and say hello. Bring beer…
Keep an eye on this blog site for an accurate arrival time.

Today is also my daughter Heather’s birthday. Hey Feather, if you did not get the message I sent you, happy birthday and have an awesome day xxx.

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