of mermaid spotting and motoring it

Sorry for the delay in updates, us land dwellers don’t just sit around looking for mermaids 😉
Seems they’ve gone from speeding through the big blue to wishing for wind and burning fuel to keep on track with their schedule.

1 October :

Morning all, went through the Canary islands last night like turpentine through a goat, 450nm in three days!! All good, just chilly this morning.

Evening all, still blundering along down the trades, making steady progress in the right direction, about 800nm to go to Mindelo.

Next planned stop Cape Verde islands, Mindelo.

2 October :

Morning all, ever south we head, wind is being coy, comes and goes – ranges from 6kn – no drive to 20+ where you hang on for dear life surfing at 10 – 12kn.

Evening all, back under gennaker and trundling along nicely. Weather has been good and the forecast up to Cape Verde is good, so happy days.

3 October :

Morning all, reasonable run last night but the wind has gone light on us – you get two winds out here, too little or too much…the joy..

Evening all, bloody wind has gone on holiday. Been running under motor since 8am… Forecast shows same until Thursday, gonna burn some diesel for sure.

4 October :

Morning all, still very little wind but we did knock off 122nm yesterday so I can’t really bitch, I have had days under 50nm, the language is not pretty…

Hey, please Google Mindelo Marina and see if you can see what VHF frequency they operate on. Cape Verde. It might be Marina Mindelo. Tks. << had to sneak this one in here cause the joys of satellite phones but no internet, how do they survive 😛

Less than 400nm now, still no wind – sea is like a lake.

Evening all, same old same old… We are now actively looking for mermaids… Some wind fcst for 2mrw so let’s hope the boffins are right.

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