of uninvited guests and disappearing winds

So Yoda and the crew are back at sea again and headed for Brazil this time which means I’m back to updating you with their 160 character satellite sms’s and my whit ūüėČ

Just a heads up though, The Unicorn and myself will be camping in the forest from the 22nd till the 26th of this month so I won’t be able to update you during that time period. Shamus has emergency contact details for me there so if there is anything uber important he will let me know and I’ll make a plan to update everyone he hasn’t yet.¬†

16 October :

11am > Morning all, wind went on holiday last night and still has not returned. Been under motor since 2am at half the speed we sail at..

1pm > Boat is full of grasshoppers… Go figure!!
in response to my WTAF message > Yup, real proper honest to god grasshoppers. I am used to seeing butterflies, but this is a first… 500nm from mainland Africa… Weird.

11pm >¬†Evening all, still no wind, I bet the Saudis are smiling‚Ķ New moon now, it’s blacker than the inside is a dead cow out here..

17 October :

11am > Morning all, still motoring but there is a hint of a breeze coming from the east, too soon to be the SE trades but we will take it

11pm >¬†Evening all, well we did manage to get about 8hours of sailing in but it’s back to motor sailing now with the wind very light.

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