Speeding tickets and no fish

Hi there! I’m Shamus’s daughter Moglet. From here on out I will have control over this slice of the internet *evil laugh*.

I’ll be posting every few days with updates as to where the old fart and his crew are. He plans on sending updates twice a day via the sat phone and then I get a position report as well so y’all can track their trip right along with me.

You have to love the advance in technology. I remember when I was growing up and he’d simply just be out of touch for several months and we sent good wishes to Poseidon to keep em safe.


September 29 :

Morning all, good solid run through the night, wind has eased slightly but we are still running at six knots under gennaker.

In response to me asking about fresh supper >>Nope, going too fast to pull lines. Tried when we were going slow but same as with IKRA, nada. There are no fish in the North Atlantic…

Evening all, solid trade winds gave us a 24 hour run of 166 NM. Weather has been good, we are getting there in somewhat of a hurry… Top speed 11.4kn

September 30 :

Morning all, wind is up so we had to drop the gennaker – matters were getting a bit hairy with speeds regularly hitting 12 kn. All good on board.

Evening all, another 150nm + day so we are making decent progress. Back under gennaker.

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