Thursday 23 November

Wind has backed to the north and freshened, better run yesterday after two days of barely making 100nm a day. Forecast is for it to stay the same for the next 48hrs. Under 600nm to the next waypoint, and another 290 will see us exactly half way between Cabedelo and Cape Town.

All good on board apart from a bit of excitement last night when one of the spectra stays of the bowsprit parted and the Screecher was flying sideways like a drunken goose. Of course the wind was blowing north of 20kn at the time and we had a bit of fun trying to tame the beast. Got it sorted in the end without any broken gear or fingers so all good.

Life on board is pretty much divided into three sectors, eat, sleep and be on watch. 2 on 4 off gives 8 hrs a day on watch, about an hour or so to eat the various meals which if you still know how to do some mental arithmetic leaves a fair wack of sleeping time. Caught a nice Dorado yesterday, so fresh fish again sometime soon. Made fishcakes from the one we caught last week, they were so damned good I could have won prizes with them!!

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  1. Sound like you have things under control sir , good stuff , happy sailing

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